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Roger's story - starting in 2004


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I am Chalkie


Month and year of diagnosis.  

December 2004


Age at diagnosis.  



PSA at diagnosis.  



Gleason score at diagnosis. (from biopsy)  



Biopsy details.   

can't remember


Bone scan result at diagnosis.  



Lymph nodes at diagnosis.  

no scan


Highest PSA before treatment.  



Initial treatment - surgery.  

open prostatectomy Mar 2006


Lowest PSA after initial treatment.  



Month and year of recurrence.  

June 2005


PSA at recurrence.  



Bone scan result at recurrence.  



Other scan result at recurrence.  

PET revealed tumours at least 3 probably in lymph nodes (JUne 2005


Recurrence treatment - radiation.  

Wait and see


Recurrence treatment - hormone therapy.  

April 2009 PSA 22 Commenced Zolodex until Sep 2010 (SA 0.7


Recurrence treatment - chemotherapy.  

May 2012 PSA 45 Recommenced Zolodex

Sep 2013 PSA 2.6

Mar 2015 PSA 15 commneced Casodex 

May 2015 Radiation treatment to rib


Current treatment status.  

Continue with ADT 


Last few PSA scores with dates.  

Nov 2015 Psa 2.7


Final paragraphs  

Back to PMCC in Late FEB


Date updated.  

27 January 2016

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Feb 2016 Psa 4.0  stop Cosadex

Mar 2016 Psa  5.6  Consult with Medical Oncologist

Apr  2016 Psa  12.9  lots of tests (Scans, liver function etc)

May 2016 Start Anandron (Nilutamide - double dose for 4 weeks)

Side effects were and continue to be - bitter taste in mouth, increase in Heart Rate, loss of appetite - anxiety, lungs don't seem to function as well as they did.  Most noticable when doing cardio training in gym (I was doing 35mins on bike and doing 16kms using 340 cals - Now (August) i struggle to do 20 mins 9 kms and use 215 cals)  Off red wine and coffee - because it tastes aweful - hot chocolate and milo a substitute

June 2016 Psa 12.9   (GP prescribe medication for depression like  Sertraline - Eleva )  Lost 8 kg in 6 weeks

Aug 2016 Psa 9.8   (Depression gone)  starting to enjoy a glass of red and the weak cafe-late)

Nov 2016 Psa 11.4  Back at the Gym the cardio getting back to earlier levels.

Jan 2017 PSa 40  prepare for chemo Docetaxel (Taxotere)- no symptoms - apart from rising Psa.  Started Denosumab injuections to protect against brittle bones- needed the all clear from my dentist.  Scans to check on mets in spine and consults with surgeons at Royal Melb.  Conclusion best to wait and see and radiate when necessary.

Mar 2017 Psa 50 Started chemo 

July 2017 after 7 infusions chem over - lost hair etc finger and toe nails a mess.  But chemo tolerated well some minor issues with fatigue and taste.  Psa plateaued at 20.

Sep 2017 Psa on the rise again - discusion re options with Medical Oncologist 

Oct 2017 Psa 53 Start Enzalutamide - Xtandi(rather than new chemo or Abiraterone Acetate -Ztiga) Routine for taking the 4 pills each day not as regimented as for Ztiga and save chemo and all the side-effect for late QOL more important for me.  

Nov 2017 Psa 23

Jan 2017 Psa 13 Sidefects minimal - some no fatigue or loss of taste, hair is back and the black dog is well inside his kennel.   Cardio on gym-bike 30 mins 13 kms and using 320 cals  Weight gain an issue as I have put back all the weight I lost back in June-July 2016


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