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Chairman Bruce puts down his gavel


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Dr Bruce Kynaston, Chairman of the Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group since 2011, has relinquished his gavel.


It has been such an honour to have a distinguished retired radiation oncologist as Chairman of almost every phone-in meeting since the very first one.


Bruce's laudable continuing interest in men with prostate cancer for many years after his professional retirement meant he was able to offer our members the very best questions to ask their doctors.


More than that, it turned out that he had considerable skill as a chairman, and the discipline he brought to our meetings has now become part of our ethos, and will long outlast his chairmanship.


I am sure I speak for all our members when I say, 

"Bruce, you can be very proud that you have served as our Chairman with distinction. We look forward to a continuing relationship with you as a member."


Jim Marshall


Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group


Bruce's letter




The time has come when I think I ought hand in the gavel.


A chairman was considered a necessity for a group such as that which you administer so well.

John Friedsam who had been the person looking after groups for Cancer Council NSW and was head hunted to PCFA had so advised me. As he was a psychologist primarily, I felt it a must and indicated that I could be 'professional'.

And so it has been, without any hitch. 


One would venture to say that, by the time a chap has chatted with you, no matter whatever panic potential he may have had, he had no need. 

All have been models of level-headedness in spite of adversity of varying degrees.


My eyesight is fading and the taking of notes of what chaps say, in case I wish to comment, is becoming problematic.

Perhaps a chairmen is needed if only to keep some order should a chap talk too much.

Such does not require my clock watching.


May I please be excused.


It is my intention to remain a group member and join the telemeetings.




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All prostate cancer support groups give thanks to men like this fine gentleman who volunteered his services.  Without volunteers we cannot exist.  Many participants at support groups feel they do not have the qualifications to "volunteer," but we do not require expertise as much as we need the mere presence of volunteers to be there to help manage support group requirements.  After almost 20 years in various leadership roles (Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee) I, too, like Dr. Bruce, had to finally resign because of age and prostate cancer related ailments. When I first ":volunteered: in 1996 I was apprehensive as to how I would be able to handle a leadership role, but all such roles turned out well and nowhere as difficult as I thought they may be.  We do not need top professionals, we just need men to work with other support group leaders to be part of the important role of keeping our support group active and viable..   

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