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What Supplements are you taking in 2016?

Paul Edwards

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I was looking back at an old discussion in the Forum in February 2014 about supplements.


In the course of that discussion john44 asked whether there was a credible repository of information about supplements.


Dr Mark Moyad is a leading authority on supplements who spoke to us on our December 2014 teleconference.  If you haven't read the minutes of his talk, they're worth a read.


Dr Moyad's most recent book is "The Supplement Handbook: A Trusted Expert's Guide to what works & what's worthless"



Pomegranate juice is now off my list of supplements after hearing Dr Moyad's comments about it.



Please let us know what supplements you are taking in 2016 and why?

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Posted For Toga3


I have been taking supplements on an increasing amount for the last 20 or so years as new ‘discoveries’ are announced in the USA.  I buy all my supplements from Life Extension Foundation who are based in the USA.


The current list is as follows: 



Alpha Lipoic Acid

Bone Restore (Strum)


Co-Q-10 w/super Ubiquinol



Gamma E Tocopherol/Tocotrienols

5-Lox Inhibitor

Glucosamine & Chondroitin



Milk Thistle 


Omega 3 EPA

Modified Citrus Pectin

Pomegranate tablets

Pomegranate Juice (Organic)

Prostate Support tablets


Vit B12

Zinc (High Potency)


The problem I have now is when some wise-ass says “You’re taking far too much supplementation” and I respond by asking “Which ones will I stop taking?” I NEVER get a clear/definitive answer.

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Thanks for the list, Toga3 but you’ve only answered half the question.



You haven’t answered the second half of the question – WHY are you taking each specific supplement?



Not a doctor, but my initial reaction is that you’re taking far too many supplements.  I suspect that you have very expensive highly coloured urine.


Have you considered the interactions between the things that you’re taking? For example, high levels of zinc can deplete your copper levels.  I have no idea what happens when you’re taking both zinc and copper supplements.


There appears to be a lot of doubling up in what you’re taking.  Why are you taking both Pomegranate tablets and Pomegranate Juice?  Many of the individual items that you’re taking are probably already included in the combination tablets (Multivitamin, Strum Bone Support and Prostate support tablets).


As for Selenium and Vitamin E, after the results of the SELECT trial was released in mid 2014 the advice has been "Men using these supplements should stop, period.  Neither selenium nor vitamin E supplementation confer any known [health] benefits — only risks,"



The respected Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has a good resource about supplements on its website: https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/treatments/symptom-management/integrative-medicine/herbs


The American Government’s National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health is another resource for information about supplements:



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Here are all my meds an why:




@LUPRON/LUTEINIZING HORMONE-RELEASING HORMONE (LHRH agonist (6-month lasting injection – 45mg) - forces the pituitary to over-stimulate the Leydig cells in the testicles to “wear them out” or to reduce the ability of the messenger to stimulate those cells; the messenger is LH or Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone of the hypothalamus.  The end product is a diminution of Leydig cell testosterone (T).  This is better known as Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), chemical castration, for prostate cancer control.  Though historically termed ADT, it would be better termed TRT, since it is, in reality, Testosterone Reducing Therapy)

#AVODART/DUTASTERIDE 0.5mg at night (5-alpha reductase (5-AR) inhibitor that blocks both Type I and Type II enzymes in prostate cancer cells from converting testosterone (T) to ten times more potent metabolite dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that profoundly stimulates cancer cell growth.   Avodart/dutasteride also serves to cause prostate cancer cell apoptosis and inhibit cell proliferation. 

#ZYTIGA/abiraterone acetate four 250mg tablets daily to rein in/control prostate cancer growth; binds to CYP-17 protein to inhibit all sources of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone production (testicular, adrenal glands, and within cancer cells).

ADT3/Triple Androgen Blockade for prostate cancer control when all three foregoing medications are taken.

+PREDNISONE 5mg twice per day – required to accompany Zytiga.

+DOSTINEX/Cabergoline 0.25mg Monday/Wednesday/Friday to keep Prolactin level less than 5ng/ml as a prostate cancer control medication.

@PROLIA 60mg subcutaneous injection every six months to stop bone mineral loss and bone resorption that can result from androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).

#METFORMIN  Glucophage Extended Release (one 500mg tablet in A.M. one 500mg tablet in P.M.) is an oral diabetes medicine that helps control blood sugar levels.  Many prostate cancer (PCa) papers indicate that metformin can enhance activity of Androgen Deprivation medications to rein in prostate cancer cell growth/proliferation.



+FOSINIPRIL/MONOPRIL 10 mg at night (ACE Inhibitor/hold off diabetes)

+ZOCOR/SIMVASTATIN 40 mg at night (to reduce cholesterol)

+PRILOSEC/OMEPRAZOLE 20 mg in morning (to prevent gastric reflux/heartburn)

+GLIPIZIDE 5 mg in morning, 5mg in evening (to control glucose serum level)

#ZYRTEC/CETIRIZINE) 10mg in morning (for allergy control)

#MOBIC/MELOXICAM 7.5mg in morning daily (to relieve signs and symptoms of osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis,

+WARFARIN 7mg (can vary) at bedtime to prevent blood clot development that in the past resulted in two different episodes of double pulmonary embolism to both lungs simultaneously.



*CALCIUM CITRATE 945mg W/VITAMIN D3 600 IU (Sam’s Club Members Mark) at bedtime (to counter loss of bone density that could otherwise be caused by ADT)

*VITAMIN D3 9000 IU total in morning including daily the Calcium/Vitamin D combination TOTALS 9600 IU VITAMIN D3 DAILY (to maintain 25-hydroxy Vitamin D level in 60ng/ml to 75ng/ml range for heart and prostate health

*FISH OIL/OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS  1200mg at bedtime - as antioxidant reduces risk of recurrent prostate cancer as well as powerful factor for general health.)

*COENZYME Q10 (COQ-10) 200mg one capsule in morning for many areas of general health.

*VITAMIN C 600mg daily.  Antioxidant that may help immune system.  Also for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body.

*VITAMIN E  (alpha-tocopherol) 400mg every-other day.  A leading antioxidant. Vitamin E helps ease respiratory problems, and may also prevent some of the damage that diabetes does to the body, particularly to the eyes. It also boosts your immune system's ability to fight off infectious diseases by increasing levels of interferon and interleukin, the bio-chemicals that are produced by the immune system to fight infection.

*VITAMIN B12 1500mcg One at bedtime to counter effect of Metformin

*TURMERIC/CURCUMIN 400mg One at bedtime; Cancer control aid.

*ACETAMINOFEN 500mg one tablet in A.M. for age related aches/pain

*ACETAMINOFEN PM 500mg one tablet at bedtime to aid sleep

+AMBIEN One tablet at night only when needed for sleep; no Acetaminofen then

+COLACE 100mg two capsules morning and two evening aid against constipation.

*SENNA (sennosides) 8.6mg one or two only when needed for constipation.

@ Administered in oncologist’s office           

+ McConnell AFB Pharmacy

# Express Scripts 1-877-283-3858 physician-to-pharmacist numbe



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I use supplements to actually supplement my existing treatments, not as a replacement. I have tried a lot of different things over the last 7 years since I was diagnosed at 51. I am Gleason 9 and in the last 7 years I have moved from PSA doubling every 2 years to now doubling pretty much weekly. I am currently on ADT which is containing things well. I have had RP. Chemo, Radiation and intermittent ADT in that order. Over the last 5 years I haven't been off ADT for long before the PSA becomes high enough to alarm me and I welcome ADT again, despite hating it.

One of the, possibly the only, good thing about this disease is the PSA marker that allows us to measure. So that has allowed me to try other 'products' inbetween my Oncologists treatments. My Oncologist knows and encourages me to try complimentary treatments from my Naturopath as well as 'products' sworn by cousins, brothers, mother-in-laws next door neighbours friends grocer, to be the greatest thing for fighting cancer. I know we are all different, but none of these have worked for me.

I am happy with my Naturopath, she basically healed my body after chemo made a mess of it. My white cells were doing very little, they were stuck together in long strands and about as active as test cricket. Now they are individual and race around my body doing what they are supposed to do. I have worked my way through various herbs and spices (my descriptions not the Naturopaths). My GP is on board. He arranges a full blood test once or twice a year. I give it to the Naturopath and she looks at what needs fixing. Sometimes nothing, sometimes some herbs and spices.

For the past 3 years we have been working on my immune system. I was taking 8ml of Cartrin (bovine Cartilidge) twice a day, but currently that is down to 5ml as I am also on 8 drops a day of Selenium for the same reason. Formula CYS 6 drops twice daily which contains Calc. fluro, Cal. sulf, Kali mur, Nat. mur, Aprs met, Thuja. I also take Vitamin D3 and Lipoic Acid 600 once a day. I also take Blackmores Duo Celloids PPMP (Potassium and Magnesium phosphate) when on ADT to help the bones, as does the D3. I also have 10ml of Probiotic in the same glass as the drops, Cartrin and Herbs which make it taste good. Sometimes I also have Vitamin C powder in the same glass. I have been drinking alkaline water for 3 years as well as watching what I eat and avoiding processed foods and sugar. I take a teaspoon of bi carb each morning recently.

The trial of the alkaline diet started prior to seeing the Naturopath and in the first year my PSA plummeted. I lost 30kgs which would have been because of giving up sugar. I haven't been as strict with the diet in the last year, though I am careful with avoiding Sugar in particular.

7 years since diagnosis, very aggressive cancer running amuck in my lymph nodes according to a PSMA scan conducted early last year, but it is still outside of my bones. I feel fit, I am positive, I don't get sick with colds and flu spread by my grandchildren. I work full time and I have plenty of energy and hate doing nothing.

Even if the Supplements are a placebo, bring it on. My goal is to be in line when a cure is found. The Supplements are not cures, they are supporting my treatments and prolonging my life.

But I am interested in comments about what people think about what I am taking and what changes, if any, I should look at.


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