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Metabolic syndrome definition

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Metabolic Syndrome Definition (Panel III)

Three or more of:

Risk Factor, Defining Level

Abdominal Obesity, Waist Circumference, Men >102 cm

{JM: 102 cm {jm: or BMI >30 (for me >102.5 kg)}

Triglycerides ? 150 mg/dL

{JM: 32 mg/dL (conversion factor 18)}

HDL cholesterol, Men <40 mg/dL

{JM: 29 mg/dL (conversion factor 18)}

Blood pressure ?130/85 mmHg

{JM: 147/87}

Fasting glucose ?110 mg/dL

{JM: 112 mg/dL (conversion factor 18)}

PMID: nil Forum: Other prostate cancer topics including radiation Title: Metabolic syndrome definition

This extract can be found on http://PubMed.com, and is in the public domain.

On PubMed.com there will be a link to the full paper (often $30, sometimes free).

Any highlighting (except the title) is not by the author, but by Jim Marshall.

Jim is not a doctor.

This page was found on the Advanced Prostate Cancer Community for Australian men at http://advancedprost...lia.ipbhost.com.

The link is hard to remember.

An easier way to find it is to go to JimJimJimJim.com and click on Prostate.

That's the word Jim four times, no spaces, followed by .com.

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