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WARNING: Drug interaction - Xytiga and medication for hypertension and edema

Charles (Chuck) Maack

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I think it's important to pass on this information, particularly for those men whose ADT resulted in the prescribing of Zytiga/abiraterone acetate. 


I am working with a patient on ADT medications including Zytiga, also experiencing cardio issues, and recently edema.  With ADT known to play a role in  hypertension, cardio issues, diabetes, edema (swelling caused by excess fluid) , and other issues, among which this patient is experiencing, he was recently prescribed the medication Spironolactone by a cardiologist to help with his edema.  Spironolactone turned out to have a very bad effect resulting in significant weight loss in just a few weeks.  The patient and his caregiver did a check of this Spironolactone on the internet and found that this medication should definitely NOT be prescribed to patients being treated for prostate cancer with Zytiga.  The patient immediately stopped the medication and will be notifying the cardiologist who prescribed the medication to make sure he is aware when any of his patients are also being treated for prostate cancer. Please take the time to read the information in this paper explaining:    




DISCLAIMER: Please recognize that I am not a Medical Doctor.  I have been an avid student researching and studying prostate cancer as a survivor and continuing patient since 1992.  I have dedicated my retirement years to continued research and study in order to serve as an advocate for prostate cancer awareness, and, from a activist patient’s viewpoint, to voluntarily help patients, caregivers, and others interested develop an understanding of prostate cancer, its treatment options, and the treatment of the side effects that often accompany treatment.  There is absolutely no charge for my mentoring – I provide this free service as one who has been there and hoping to make your journey one with better understanding and knowledge than was available to me when I was diagnosed so many years ago.  Readers of this paper must understand that the comments or recommendations I make are not intended to be the procedure to blindly follow; rather, they are to be reviewed as my opinion, then used for further personal research, study, and subsequent discussion with the medical professional/physician providing your prostate cancer care.


Always as close as the other end of your computer to help address any prostate cancer concerns.



Charles (Chuck) Maack - Prostate Cancer Patient/Activist/Mentor

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