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Metformin and Vitamin B 12


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I recall some posts about the Metformin trial being run out of the APCRC, and assume some members of this are involved.  I was wondering if there had been any discussion about the need to supplement your Vitamin B 12 intake while taking Metformin.  A nutritionist has just put me on to the side effect of Metformin, and I have started B 12 as a result.

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If I read this article correctly




there is a less than 30% chance of having B12 deficiency if you take Metformin, and the serious side effect (neuropathy) normally takes 12 to 15 years to manifest.


If you check your B12 levels in your annual health check, you should pick up any problems in plenty of time.


You can always have a B12 injection if you need to, but check with your doctor first.


Keeping up your calcium intake seems to help B12 malabsorption.


I take Metformin for my PCa.



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