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Medicinal Cannabis - Senate Committee report

Paul Edwards

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Don't hold your breath!


A Senate Committee has been inquiring into proposed legislation for regulating the production, transport, storage and usage of cannabis products for medicinal purposes in Australia.  The Committee delivered its report yesterday.


The Committee supported, in principle, the access to products derived from cannabis for use in relation to particular medical conditions where the use of those products has been proven to be safe and effective.




So far so good.    But what does “safe and effective” mean?



To work this out, the Committee recommended the need for:


  • scientific evidence about medicinal cannabis products to determine their suitability for use;
  • consistency with the existing Commonwealth regulatory framework for medicinal products;
  • medicinal cannabis products to comply with Australia's international obligations; and
  • for consultation with state and territory governments.


It will take a long time to get these ducks in line.



For those suffering from insomnia, the complete Senate report is available at this link.


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