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What matters to you besides living longer?


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Dr. Atul Gawande is a Harvard surgeon, a writer, a best-selling author and a health system reformer. He was interviewed recently on Radio National where he talks of his father's death and aged care nursing homes (originally broadcast on 15 June 2015).


As a doctor he gradually realised that people have priorities besides living longer and the questions he needed to ask them were:

What's your understanding of where you are with your health at this time? 

What are your fears and worries for the future? 

What are your goals and priorities if time is short? 

What are you willing to sacrifice and not willing to sacrifice?


To listen to the discussion or read the transcript click on the hyperlink:

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Dr Atul Gawende's interview on Radio National was divided into 2 parts.


The first part (originally broadcast on 15 June 2015) about Identifying and Respecting Patients' Choices is probably the one which will be of most interest to members.


The second part (originally broadcast on 22 June 2015) is on Reforming Health Care Systems.  To listen to this second part or read the transcript click on the link:

Amongst other things, it discusses "low value or no value interventions in healthcare.   20% to 30% of what we do in any health system is waste, stuff we shouldn't be doing that we are doing, stuff we do at the wrong time, wrong stuff, or too much."
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