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Posted for DavidD.   Something in Jim's post about his trip to South Australia made me very angry.


There are 12 specialist breast nurses in South Australia but there is no longer a specialist prostate cancer nurse in South Australia.  For the past 3 years there was a specialist prostate cancer nurse at the Royal Adelaide Hospital  but no-one was prepared to provide ongoing funding for the role.


The most recent figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare predict that in 2014 more men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer than women with breast cancer (17050 men; 15270 women) and more men will die of prostate cancer than women from breast cancer (3390 men; 3000 women). 


Despite this data, before the recent Federal Budget the Commonwealth provided funding for the placement of 57 breast care nurses in communities across Australia but only funding for the placement of 14 specialist prostate cancer nurses in communities across Australia.


Did anything change in the recent Federal Budget?



Here is a succinct summary of the funding in the recent Federal Budget for specialist cancer nurses:


Specialist Breast Nurses                                                                                                                                                  $19.5 million over four years



Specialist Nurses for Prostate, and all other types of, cancer.                                                                          $ 0                                                    




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