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Mindfulness - Pilot Study in Melbourne

Paul Edwards

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Victorian readers of this forum may be interested in an 8 week Pilot Study "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer" being conducted by the Royal Melbourne Hospital commencing on 16 April 2015.  Thanks to Russ for alerting us to this.


For whom is the course intended?

Men who have been diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer

(including men with local recurrence following treatment;
men with locally advanced disease being treated with
hormonal therapy; and men with metastatic disease).

Men with no previous history of head injury, dementia or psychiatric illness.

Men who are able to read and speak English.

Men who have no other concurrent cancer.


What does the course involve?

Participants will be required to attend eight weekly two hour sessions and commit to a daily home meditation practice of no
less than thirty minutes a day. The home practice is an essential component of the course and research has confirmed that the
reported benefits of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction are highly correlated to the amount of home practice completed.
Since this is a research study, participants will also be asked to complete a series of pen and paper questionnaires, and take part
in brief (fifteen minute) structured interviews before and after the course.


Course Facilitators:


Mr Max Rutherford
Max Rutherford is a registered psychologist with over 10 years experience of delivering mindfulness based interventions. He works
in the Department of Urology at The Royal Melbourne Hospital where he has been treating patients with Prostate Cancer since 2012.


Dr Addie Wootten
Addie Wootten is an experienced clinical psychologist who has been working clinically with men with prostate cancer since 2003.
She also has extensive experience leading psychological intervention studies for men with prostate cancer and their partners.


If you would like to find out more about this study

Please either send an email to Max Rutherford at the following address: max.rutherford@mh.org.au or phone 9342 7458
(please leave a message if there is no reply).

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