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Draft Clinical Practice Guidelines on PSA Testing

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In December 2014 Draft Guidelines on PSA Testing prepared by an Expert Advisory Panel were released for public comment.  The development of the draft guidelines was coordinated by Cancer Council Australia with funding from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).


A copy of the Draft Guidelines is available on the PCFA website:



Given the length and complexity of the documents, it has been difficult for interested parties to comment on the Draft Guidelines because of the short period before Christmas and over the summer holiday period.


At first sight, PSA testing and prostate cancer diagnosis are not relevant to an Advanced Prostate Cancer Group.


On reflection, if there are reduced levels of PSA testing in the community, there is an increased risk that some people will not have their cancer diagnosed at an early stage when it can be treated and will be diagnosed when their cancer has become metastatic. This is something that is relevant to an Advanced Prostate Cancer Group.


The Committee has made a submission Submission Advanced Prostate Group Draft Clinical Practice Guidelines .doc

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