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Lightning never strikes three times in the same place!


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Around 2pm on 30 December 2014 a lightning strike in our back yard killed our electronic equipment again (and gave us a great fright!) This was the fourth storm to cause us damage in the past two years.


Once again, our phones, my iMac computer, our video recorder, modem, network cables, printer etc were wiped out. The Apple TV that survived the first two lightning strikes and cyclone Oswald also copped it this time.


Suncorp will once again come to the party. However, it all takes time and energy - testing to find what is broken, getting the damage certified by a technician, getting quotes, getting Suncorp approval, ordering, arranging delivery, installation and restoring backup or entering settings.


Apple turned up yesterday with new iMac innards and installed them inside the existing case, so that doesn't need to await insurance. After a long restoring and indexing process I have access to my information today.


Myer delivered phones yesterday also, and I took my first call shortly afterwards from a member keen to discuss the SAM that Dr Mark Moyad spoke of. Reprogramming the address book awaits another day.


All else is still in process.


In our first 42 years in this house we had one lightning strike hit a tree causing us no damage. Now we have had three strikes in two years (and ex-cyclone Oswald as a bonus).


To answer a couple of common questions:

  • an electric charge that travels hundreds of metres through the air is not in the least hindered by whatever it meets in a surge protector; and
  • our personal circumstances will necessitate our downsizing soon, but we will not be moving because of the storms.


The full story of all four storms is on my personal site at:




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