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A view from an advanced prostate patient undergoing chemotherapy (Docetaxel)

Guest johker

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A Frailty of Spirit – an explanation of cancer.



Cancer is not a disease of the physical organism.

It is a genetic predisposition at the cellular level to evolve.

It is an inbuilt imperative to evolve.


The dis-ease lies within our own psychic and spiritual development.

This development does not rise to meet the evolutionary intelligence inherent in our cells.

Therefore, the answer to dealing with this rampant dis-ease in the physical organism must be sought in our individual and collective psycho/spiritual organism.

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I regard cancer rather as a genetic malfunction.  Not all mutations are a good thing, in the case of cancer, killing the host is not an evolutionary way forward.  So while a positive mental state certainly won't harm, modern medicine (hormone therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy) is my preferred route.

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Guest PaulHoskins

I have read & reread the 'Frailty of Spirit - an explanation of cancer' a number of times and quite frankly disagree to whatever concept is being verbalised.


Having been newly diagnosed with advanced Pca (18 bone metastases) in 2008, I am alive today thanks to Zolodex, Cyprone, Cosudex, Zometa, Taxotere coupled with many EBRT sessions.


A strong mental outlook has helped me in my life extension, the drugs have greatly contributed. 

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