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Update on Brian Hammerton's progress


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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your email.  I was disappointed that I missed the get-together at the Greenbank RSL recently.  I was in Sydney visiting my brothers and other relatives/friends.
I'm now on a time-line.  Due to the cancer advancing to both lungs I've been promised this Christmas, but not Easter 2015.  However, my aim is to prove the time-line incorrect and survive long past the expert's predictions!
I'm currently on a different chemo from previous - it's called 'Cabazitaxel' - every 3 weeks until I'm cured!  I was expected to be given 'Enzalutamide' tablets which is not as yet on the PBS, but apparently we have a compassionate arrangement with the country of manufacture.  But unfortunately when the results of my recent CT scans and MRI were examined, Cabazitaxel was the way to go.
Hope you (and others) are as well as can be expected.  I'll keep in touch regarding my progress.  All the very best.
Brian Hammerton
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