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Entertaining YouTube video: green tea, pomegranate juice, broccoli, turmeric: POMI-T (commercial product)


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Polyphenols are chemicals found in many plants.

They have several uses, but one use is to make the plant taste unpleasant to insects and animals.


But this strong taste also adds a tang that appeals to humans.


It appears that some polyphenols may have an anti-cancer effect, and perhaps slow the growth of prostate cancer.


You can most safely get these polyphenols in foods. The strong taste can be a clue to the foods with the most.


Four popular foods added to a diet hoping for an anti-prostate-cancer effect are green tea, pomegranate juice, broccoli and the spice turmeric.


Having the real food is always better than having a processed food, but an enterprising UK academic has made a capsule containing powdered green tea, pomegranate, broccoli and turmeric to be taken 2-3 times a day, hoping that this will have long term usefulness (not proven yet).


This YouTube video (5 mind) presents that commercial product (Pomi-T)



Again, real foods are better than extracts. And taste may be a guide to polyphenol content: cabbage will have more than corn; virgin olive oil more than latter pressings; berries more than bananas; apples more than custard apples; dark chocolate more than milk chocolate and so on. 


Remember that anti-prostate-cancer survival improvement has yet to be proved, but for the polyphenols there may be promise.


A reminder that Dr Mark Moyad, world expert on what works and what doesn't for supplements will answer your questions at our phone-in meeting of 19 December 2014 - organise a landline or use your mobile (special mobile numbers are available in most capitals).




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Guest Jim and Sandy Stevens

If you are interested in Pomi-T:

My husband Jim has been taking Pomi-T as an adjunct to dietary changes to help maintaining good health for about a year. Jim has advanced prostate cancer which has metastases to bone. He had to discontinue taking it while he was having chemotherapy because ingestion may have hindered the chemo process.


Jim has been using this book as basis for his research on diet and prostate cancer: The Prostate Care Cookbook, by Margaret Ryman Kay Dilley and Kay Gibbons. 

Jim has found the book invaluable as it is based on scientific research. We do not use the book for the recipes, but as a reference book to assist shopping and to maximize consumption of cancer-retarding foods.


Both book and Pomi-T we obtain by mail from the UK. I approached health food distributors in Australia and, at this stage, nobody carries it or has shown interest in doing so. The UK distributor for Pomi-T is Power Health: www.powerhealth.co.uk and we have had no problems with shipping.


Jim's dietary regime seems to have a positive effect and he is in good health, aside from having to pace himself to conserve energy. Daily exercise also helps.

I wanted to pass this on as it may help somebody. Jim is allergic to 'modern technology' unless it is related to fishing or boating so you'll have to bear with me for communication.






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