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Snuffy Myers video on diet. Mediterranean diet with nuts and olive oil.


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

In this video, Dr Charles Myers ("Snuffy Myers"), a very well known USA medical oncologist, gives diet information for prostate cancer men.


In short

"Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil and nuts has a proven beneficial effect on cardiovascular health and diabetes."


Some highlights

  • Base your diet on evidence, not myth.
  • Many men with prostate cancer die from heart attack or stroke.
  • Low-fat diet not as good as Mediterranean diet.
  • Use good fats. 30% - 40% of calories from healthy fats. In the Mediterranean diet nuts and extra-virgin olive oil provide good fats. 
  • One big trial (7,447 people) compared 30g of mixed nuts per day or at least 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil to low fat diet.
  • Olive oil was best at preventing artery disease.
  • Nuts were best at reducing belly fat (and metabolic syndrome).
  • Nuts were best at reducing 'bad' cholesterol (LDL cholesterol).
  • Low-fat diet did poorly in comparison.
  • [jim: Hormone treatment (ADT) can move a man towards pre-diabetes then diabetes]
  • 40% of pre-diabetics became diabetic in less than five years.
  • That figure dropped to 30% with the drug Metformin at low doses.
  • Using lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) instead of Metformin dropped that to 20%.
  • So, lifestyle changes halved your chance of moving from pre-diabetic to diabetic.
  • Two hours after a meal, the higher your blood sugar, the narrower the main artery from your heart.
  • So keeping the blood sugar (glucose) from going too high at any meal is good.
  • Eating something that will make your glucose high (like bread), can be countered by adding nuts. If you have a bread roll, have some almonds.
  • Vinegar [jim: coming up a lot lately] also lowered the bread 'high'. So plenty of vinaigrette on your salad.
  • Protein (whey protein in the research) also lowered the bread 'high'. A scoop of whey protein added to breakfast will reduce the sugar surge after the meal.

... end Jim

The video:




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