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Encore: Do-drop-in


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Wondering about Do-drop-in?


On Friday morning we will have our phone-in meeting (agenda tonight) and we will have the usual opportunity to chat to other men in a similar situation.


But on Friday afternoon I will have coffee with a member who lives 851km away in Dubbo.


Do-drop-in is simple. If you would enjoy a chat with any member passing through your area, you just say so.


Here are the details:


Would you like to meet other members (or partners) who are passing through your area?

Just add:

your name (or your username);

your location

in a reply to one of the links below.


These postings are there for all the world to see, so don't include email address, home address or phone numbers.


Members can get these details by clicking on the members list, or by contacting Nev or Jim.


After contact, arrange where to meet - home, coffee shop, wherever - and any further hospitality you may  be able to offer.


Post yourself here by replying to:





or simply reply to this email.

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