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Hour long YouTube video. PCRI 2013 conference summary. Mark Sholz, Mark Moyad


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One hour long YouTube video summary of 2013 Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) Conference has just been posted.


Two of the doctors I admire, Mark Sholz and Mark Moyad summarise the contributions during the conference. 


They cover many issues in prostate cancer, including heart health, metformin, aspirin, cholesterol, Calcium.






A link below the video will direct you to buy DVDs of all the conference sessions.


The planned program was:

Treating Side Effects

Charles “Snuffy” Myers, MD


Advanced Disease

Nick Vogelzang, MD



William Catalona, MD



Mac Roach, MD


Prospective Study

Timothy Wilt, MD


PSA Screening Shootout

Mark Scholz, MD; William Catalona, MD; Timothy Wilt, MD


Live Prostate Biopsy

Duke Bahn, MD; Mark Scholz, MD


New Directions

Charles Drake, MD


Women’s Issues

Andrea Singer, MD


Ryan O'Neal turned up as the celebrity guest.

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