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  1. Sorry, this is the wrong website if you are newly diagnosed with localised prostate cancer and trying to decide on a prostate cancer treatment. This is a website for men who: are diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer (where the cancer has grown through the wall of the prostate capsule and is growing outside it - a cancer which has been staged as T3 or T4); OR who have recurrent prostate cancer (where the cancer has been treated but it comes back later). If you don't know how prostate cancer is staged or what T3 and T4 mean, Jim has prepared a video explaining prostate cancer stage For men who are newly diagnosed with localised prostate cancer, here are some things I and other men and our partners found useful deciding on our prostate cancer treatment: Consulting several doctors I saw 3 surgeons and 2 radiation oncologists. Starting again I would also have included a medical oncologist. Local support group I attend the excellent Brisbane Prostate Cancer Support group (Convenor Peter Dornan, phone (07)3371915 ) You can find your local support group on the website of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia http://pcfa.org.au or search Google for "prostate cancer foundation australia" In the USA, http://UsToo.com lists support groups. The comparisons of surgery, radiation and ADT by Peter Grimm and others 2011 http://www.prostate-cancer.org/pcricms/sites/default/files/PDFs/Is14-2_p3-11.pdf Other people's journeys The "You are not alone" website which has hundred of accounts of the journey taken by men and their partners through this disease. Though it is no longer updated, looking at the histories may help you. http://www.yananow.org or search Google for " you are not alone prostate cancer" This was originally posted in September 2011.
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