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  1. Hi to all, I am new here as you all would be aware, and it's great to see such a group supporting and sharing as it is something that would truly benefit us all I am sure, thank you one and all. But what this below means is that I am at a lose as what all means, any input to understand it all would be greatly appreciated Dear Brian Your Gleason grade was 8 (out of 10). Cancer was seen in one of the eight biopsy sites. I’ve attached your report below (and highlighted the grade). That is “worse than average” but also that was 8 years ago (and cancers typically get worse over time) PSA = 4.1 (5.2.2020), compared to 3.3 (12 months ago) and 2.5 (3 years ago) There is an appointment for you to see me 24.3.2020 at 10.45 All the best Sean Dr Sean Bydder H I S T O P A T H O L O G Y R E P O R T SPECIMEN: A. Right apex. B. Right mid lobe. C. Right base. D. Right transitional. E. Left apex. F. Left mid lobe. G. Left base. H. Left transitional. MACROSCOPIC: A. Two thin pale tan core biopsies 5 and 11mm. (2p/1b/nr) B. Three thin pale tan core biopsies 3, 5 and 7mm. (3p/1b/nr) C. Five thin pale tan core biopsies from 2 - 8mm. (5p/1b/nr) D. Two pale tan core biopsies 6 and 8mm. (2p/1b/nr) E. Three pale tan core biopsies 4, 7 and 15mm. (3p/1b/nr) F. Two pale tan core biopsies 12mm each. (2p/1b/nr) G. Two pale tan core biopsies 17 and 18mm. (2p/1b/nr) H. A pale tan core biopsy 17mm. (1p/1b/nr) (Vasiliev/Davidson) MICROSCOPIC AND CONCLUSION: A. Right apex: Benign prostatic parenchyma. B. Right mid lobe: Prostatic adenocarcinoma with glomeruloid morphology, Gleason grade 4 + 4 = 8, involving 2mm of a total 13mm (15% involvement). There is no evidence of perineural invasion. C. Right base: Benign prostatic parenchyma. D. Right transitional: Benign prostatic parenchyma. E. Left apex: Benign prostatic parenchyma. F. Left mid lobe: Benign prostatic parenchyma. G. Left base: Benign prostatic parenchyma. H. Left transitional: Benign prostatic parenchyma.
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