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Found 4 results

  1. Safety at home for patients on chemotherapy Chemotherapy (pronounced kee-mo-ther- a-pee) is a cancer treatment that uses drugs or medicines to kill cancer cells. It is sometimes just called ‘chemo’. Patients can have chemotherapy in different ways. Intravenous (IV) chemotherapy is given into the patient’s vein, and goes straight into their blood. Oral chemotherapy is given by mouth, as tablets, capsules or liquids that
  2. Last Friday 10 March 2017 the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) reached its initial decisions on drugs to go onto the PBS at reduced prices. This included whether to put Xtandi (Enzalutamide) before chemo on the PBS. The company will be told of the result next Friday 17 March 2017. If necessary, negotiations between the PBAC and the company continue for 4 weeks. The final results will be published on the PBAC website 21 April 2017. (If the company is not happy with the result, they have until July 2017 to appeal.)
  3. This video is about a treatment for men who already have prostate cancer. It is about adding an occasional testosterone boost to regular drug therapy to treat prostate cancer. Dr Sam Denmeade reports on encouraging trials of this approach. It is 56 minutes long and has Closed Captions (Cc) for the hard of hearing. Thanks to Rick Davis of the Answer Cancer Foundation for allowing us to post this video. Access the whole presentation, including introductions, questions and answers, at: https://www.ancan.org/bat-presentation The questions and answers begin at about 1hour 4minutes
  4. This is very encouraging for me. I was diagnosed in February 2015 at the age of 68 with no PCa related symptoms but with elevated PSA of 11.7ng/ml. Needle biopsy confirmed PCa of GL 9. I underwent open RP in March 2015. Post surgery staging : T2c No Mx, GL 4+5=9 and positive surgical margin. 3 weeks after surgery PSA fell undetectable, yet I underwent IMRT and ADT with 50mg Bicalutamide added alongside for a period of 2 years ( continuous protocol ) completing in end April 2017. Throughout this treatment period up to now my PSA checked every 3 months has remained at 0.008ng/ml. My treatme
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