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  2. Extremely well done Jim. 11 years is quite an effort and very much appreciated by all who sort reliable advise. I was glad to be there at the beginning to assist in my small way but as you know other health issues got my attention. Your computer skills were also put to excellent use which got the attention of not just PCFA top brass but posts and especially YouTube would have been accessed from all over the world. A remarkable feat. Euan
  3. Well done Jim – you’ve put in a lot of hard work and done a great service to we PC patients. All the very best. from: Tom Rae aka ‘Fergie’
  4. Janis Kinne

    We are moving on

    A heatfelt thanks to you Jim together with your executive team. The monthly phone calls have been a great source of Australian relevant information for we advanced PCa travellers. A unique group with a unique collective knowledge that will be very difficult to replicate. I have learned a lot from you guys and and have enjoyed our local get togethers. Very sad that it has all come to an end. A very sincere thankyou for your team's collective effort to provide a forum not available with the same Australian focus elsewhere. All the best for the future to all involved.
  5. Many thanks to Jim and the Team for the fantastic work that you have done over the years. You have really made a difference to the lives of many men and their carers who are touch by Prostate Cancer. take a well deserved rest. Adieu, brother and online friend.
  6. Thanks Jim for the terrific contribution you have made to improving our understanding of prostate cancer and how to deal with it. Very best wishes for the future. Bruce
  7. Patrick Turner

    We are moving on

    Thanks for the group Jim, its a sad day. I spend a lot of time at HealthUnlocked which is based in US, and there are more members who seem to make more posts so there's a bigger flow of useful info. However, in some ways much treatment men want to know about is more readily available here in Australia. But I have learned quite a lot here. By-bye everyone, it was nice to meet you all. Patrick Turner.
  8. Kevin Martin

    We are moving on

    To Jim and the Executive committee, Thanks to all for a job well done. It has been a very informative and helpful site to visit over the years. A bit sad to see it go but all good things eventually come to an end. Thanks again and all the best to everyone in their endeavours to fight this mongrel problem that we all have. All the best to everyone. Kevin Martin
  9. I would like to second Skipper,s comments , I could not have said my personal thanks any better and wish Jim and Wendy all the best in the future and thank you for your exceptional efforts , they have been a comfort to so many men over many years , and Jim , Your message re the personal rewards and a deep sense of purpose that comes from being part of a group and organisation that helps others . John Daven
  10. WOW! Jim, you've always given us much to think about, but never more so than today. JIMJIMJIMJIM has provided a fantastic service and I'd hope to meet you when we could agree on just a few more details. I really wish I'd known of your site earlier in my journey. Thank you so much. Peter
  11. To Jim and committee: I would just like to express my deepest appreciation for all the work you have done I personally have read and learned much about this disease and found comfort in that knowledge When the medical profession left me wanting, it was the JimJimJimJim forum I turned to for support And to socialize with a group of men who understand our mental state has always been a plus I could go on about how Jim would not accept a membership fee to our elite "club" but there would still be much unspoken Suffice to say you have provided a wonderful service which
  12. Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ... In short The Australian Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group is ending. Members should join one or more of PCFA, HealthUnlocked, or Facebook. Details are below, links at the end of this post. Volunteers are available to help you if you need that. The forums will remain online for some months in archive (read-only) format for members to copy topics to their own computers, perhaps to post their stories to their new service. More detail When I was first diagnosed with a large, aggressive, locally advanced prostate cancer there was a great
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