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Finasteride prolongs time off ADT in intermittent ADT

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Intermittent Androgen Deprivation (IAD) with Finasteride (F) Given During the Induction and Maintenance Periods Results in Prolonged Time off IAD in Patients with Localized Prostate Cancer (LPC). (Meeting abstract).

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Genitourinary Cancer


Genitourinary Cancer


1999 ASCO Annual Meeting

Abstract No: 1363


S Strum, J McDermed, L Madsen, M Scholz


Limited clinical data show modest F activity against PC. We examined patient (pt)- and treatment-related factors in hormone-naive pts electing to discontinue androgen blockade (AB) to determine if F added any measurable benefits. Fifty-nine LPC pts received AB, 32 (54%) with a luteinizing-hormone releasing-hormone agonist (LHRH-A)+an antiandrogen (AA) and 27 (46%) with a LHRH-A, AA+F (10mg/day). F was included in induction and continued as maintenance after IAD was stopped. Pts had to achieve and maintain an undetectable (UD) PSA (<0.05ng/ml) on AB and be assessable off IAD >=12 months (mo). Clinical stage (CS) included PSA relapse after a local treatment (n=25), T1c (n=8) and T2a-c (n=26). PSA endpoints off IAD were defined as PSA increases to 2.5ng/ml and 5.0ng/ml for pts who did and did not receive F, respectively. Factors analyzed were: pt age, baseline testosterone (BT), baseline PSA (bPSA), time to reach UD-PSA (TTUD-PSA), UD time on AB (UDT) and testosterone recovery to >=150ng/ml (T150). Significant differences between groups appear in the table below: Despite similar T150, PSA velocity was significantly blunted in F pts v non-F pts. This yielded a median of 15 additional months off IAD until PSA endpoints were reached. F was well tolerated with 2 50% dose reduction for diminished libido. Only 5 (19%) F-treated pts restarted IAD after a median follow-up of 36 mo (range 17+ -70+ mo). We conclude F during IAD induction and maintenance significantly prolongs time off therapy independent of T150. [jm: IAD3]

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