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Mark Scholz: Advising doctor

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Jim (not a doctor) Marshall said ...

I was asked a question by a partner during a phone call I had yesterday:

"Who should I see to guide us through this very complex situation? ... to tell us where to go, what we need to do, and when?"


So, I was very prepared to hear Dr Mark Scholz (an American medical oncologist) on this very point.


Part of what he said was:

  • The only way to circumvent this problem with a doctor’s conflict of interest is to arrange consultation with a doctor and designate him (or her) as your advising doctor exclusively. You will need to make it clear from the start that under no circumstances will he (or she) be your treating doctor. The goal of your meeting with the advising doctor is to obtain unbiased information about which type of treatment is best for your situation. You also need the advising doctor to provide you with “inside information” about the skill levels of the other doctors in your medical community.

Dr Scholz' solution might be hard to sell to a doctor, but it could work for some men.

... end Jim


Dr Sholz' full post is at:







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