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YouTube video: Metastatic Prostate Cancer in the Spine: Dr Alicia Morgans: Second of five videos

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A new video every day for five days.


Prostate cancer that moves away from the prostate (metastasises) prefers to settle in bones. This second video (in a series of five) tackles the most serious issue of metastases in the spine.


In videos in this series , expert medical oncologist Dr Alicia Morgans deals with:

  • metastases to bone and bone scans;
  • prostate cancer in the spine;
  • treatments for prostate cancer metastases;
  • issues with hormone therapy treatment; and 
  • in a last very short video, Dr Morgans wishes to give men a special message about pain.


Subscribers to our YouTube channel are notified earlier than others.


My special thanks to:
Dr Alicia Morgans who kindly donated her time.
Member John Dowling, who got me and my gear to Melbourne, and was a very efficient Production Assistant.
Member Len Weis, who provided English Closed Captions (Cc) for the hard of hearing.
Anthony Lowe, CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), who both invited us to interview Dr Morgans, and arranged a PCFA Education Grant to cover our expenses.

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