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Interesting things in Prostate News from PCFA

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Three times a year the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) publishes Prostate News.

Click this sentence to see all issues of Prostate News.

Some interesting things to see in the current (August 2016) issue:


Pathfinder is the national online register of men and women interested in participating in prostate cancer research.

Current research projects listed on Pathfinder include:

  • A randomised controlled trial of iCanADAPT, an internet Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program for the treatment of depression and anxiety in early-stage cancer patients and cancer survivors (NSW)
  • The Men and Sexual Health-Prostate Cancer (MaSH-PC) study (Qld)
  • Do Australian men with prostate cancer have access to well-designed websites with quality content information to encourage physical exercise?(SA)Rekindle: testing an online resource to promote sexual wellbeing for both patients and their partners (NSW)

Click this sentence to go to Pathfinder to register yourself for clinical trials.


Also in this issue, PCFA's scientific writer, Wendy Winnall, reports Dr Melissa Hyde's study of Australian men's unmet needs in prostate cancer, and how they access information (78% doctor's resources, 53% internet, 8% support group, 4.5% cancer helplines, and 2.1% counselling services).


PCFA CEO, Anthony Lowe, has an article on what patient expectations are for their treatment.


Finally, a great looking pair of Steel Blue boots (non-safety) for $99 (with $10 going to PCFA).

Click this sentence to all issues of Prostate News.

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