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Give 1 for Dad - Crowdsourcing to fund prostate cancer trials

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Paul Edwards

Sam Poley's father had aggressive and advanced prostate cancer.  About a year ago Sam started a crowdfunding campaign to raise at least $1 million to fund a Phase II clinical trial to investigate the feasibility of using an FDA-approved and generally well-tolerated drug called disulfiram in the treatment of castration-resistant prostate cancer. 


Prostate Cancer needs copper—in fact, it’s a glutton for copper and will consume all it can get. This clinical trial will be designed to exploit that as a weakness


Unfortunately Sam's dad has died but the appeal has raised $460,000 so far.  This is enough to start the trial with 30 patients and more patients will be admitted as the campaign continues to pursue its $1 million target.


Click on this link to read an article about the campaign in the New Prostate Cancer Infolink or on this link to read the Give 1 for Dad website.


May be some of us will benefit from this research. 

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