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Paul Edwards

Not having a sex change just yet

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Paul Edwards

Dr Snuffy Myers suggests that small doses of oestrogen may minimise some of the side effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy, including, amongst others, cognitive side effects. There were also a few small clinical trials around 2005-2007 which looked at the effect of oestrogen on memory (well-known researcher Tomasz Beer did a couple of these).


For some time I've been trying to find someone willing to prescribe me oestrogen for this purpose.  Until now, most doctors have been reluctant because of the increased risk of cardiac side effects, particularly deep vein thrombosis.  My new endocrinologist was willing to prescribe it.


The drug that he prescribed is normally used for transgender patients undergoing a sex change.  This led to a very interesting conversation at the chemist when the pharmacist asked me had I used the drug before.

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