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Found 2 results

  1. Paul Edwards

    Are you OK? Talk about it.

    Thanks to Russ for bringing this study to our attention. Too often we don't recognise just how stressful being diagnosed or living with advanced prostate cancer can be. Jill Margo, who writes about men's health in The Australian Financial Review, has written an article about a newly released study which indicated that Australian men with prostate cancer have a greatly elevated risk of committing suicide compared to their peers who don't have the disease. Click here to read the article. You're not on your own. There is help available to assist you to cope with prostate cancer. Click on this link to read a Cancer Council publication which has useful information.
  2. Dr Addie Wootten is the Director of Clinical and Allied Health Research at Epworth Hospital's Cancer Research Centre in Melbourne. Addie Wootten spoke to our group 3 years ago, in June 2012, when the new on-line 'Prostmate' service was being prepared for release, and she has kindly agreed to update our Advanced Group on 'Prostmate in 2015', and on another of her projects to support men in the Prostate Cancer brotherhood - 'The Road Ahead'. This promises to be another great presentation, with an opportunity for plenty of questions and discussion, so keep the date free! (The agenda for the meeting will be emailed as usual on the preceding Wednesday).
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