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  1. Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ... A number of our members participated in this first trial of using radioactive Lutetium (Lutetium-177, Lu-177) for men who had already had several other treatments. This is the latest report, quoting the study leader, Michael Hofman at Peter McCallum (PeterMac) in Melbourne. After you read the article, if you want to find out what our members might have said about their Lutetium treatment, go to the Search... box near the top of this page and type: Lutetium ... end Jim https://www.healio.com/hematology-oncology/prostate-cancer/
  2. Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ... PSMA (Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen) is a molecule found naturally in the body. PSMA is often found in great numbers on the surface of prostate cancer cells. Doctors are currently running trials attaching radioactive molecules to the PSMA molecule. Some radioactive molecules are picked because they light up on a PET scan. Such scans are often called PSMA scans. The best known in Australia is the Gallium-68 PET/CT scan. Some radioactive molecules are picked because they cause damage to nearby cells. The best known in Austra
  3. MOVEMBER funding will assist Professor Hofman to continue research into Prostate Cancer treatment with Lutetium177. Click https://tinyurl.com/y42kk887 to contribute.Every little bit helps - this is an opportunity to show your support. Tax deductible recieipt - issued when you make your contribution or emailed to you.
  4. Barree


    THERA-NOSTICS Targeted Theraputic LU177- PSMA -617 DIAGNOSTIC COMPANION GA68-PSMA 11 - Pet/CT PSMA -Many prostate cancer cells have a protein on the surface called PS MA (prostate specific membrane antigen). PSMA 6I7 Ligand is a small peptide (molecule ) with a high binding affinity for PSMA. When injected into the bloodstream it looks for the PSMA exuded on the surface of the prostate cancer cells and bonds to it. This ligand not only bonds to PSMA – it also bonds to Lutetium 177 and Gallium 68 (Ga 68). Gallium 68 is
  5. An interesting account by Professor Michael Hofman at the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference in Basel, Switzerland recently. He speaks of the Lutetium-177 (Lu-177) treatment his team and others have done or are planning: https://www.urotoday.com/video-lectures/apccc-2019-conference/video/1467-players-brightcove-net2019-09-10-14-49-08.html Below the video is a full transcript - all the words Professor Hofman says in the video. Thanks to Nev and Lorraine
  6. The trial is titled "Using Theranostics Early to Eradicate Prostate Cancer and Developing Novel Strategies for PSMA Negative Disease". These clinical trials are headed by Prof. Michael Hofman and A/Prof. Arun Azad of Peter Mac. Recruiting is expected start early next year.Details of these trials will follow later this year. In essence, Lutetium will be given earlier in the piece, Lutetium will in special circumstances be given prior to robotic surgery, Research will commence into CAR T cell treatment for prostate cancer which is not PSMA avid and cannot currently be treated using Lutetiu
  7. Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ... The clinical trial testing Lutetium-177 therapy against the existing standard therapy (Cabazitaxel (Jevtana)) is taking its first men. It starts at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center in Melbourne (PeterMac), and other sites will be progressively added. The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA), with which we are affiliated, has co-sponsored the trial. Below is the message that Daniel Moore of PCFA sent announcing the start. ... end Jim In July 2017 PCFA and ANZUP launched the first Australian trial of a ground-breaking
  8. Does Lutetium177 increase survival 177Lu-PSMA-617 RLT seems to prolong survival in patients with advanced mCRPC pretreated with chemotherapy, abiraterone and/or enzalutamide. This article appeared today in Health Unlocked. To see the article click on the following link - https://tinyurl.com/y7yolyaf
  9. The Australian New Zealand Urogenital Prostate Cancer trials group (ANZUP) held their conference in Melbourne over the weekend and the last couple of days. Yesterday, ANZUP in conjunction with the PCFA announced a new Lutetium trial. A total of 200 men are to be treated - this trial will be spread across Australia. 100 men will receive Lutetium and 100 men will be treated with something else? Full details are yet to be announced, but are due shortly. As soon as details are released,I will post details. Cheers Barree
  10. Guest

    LuPSMA 177 clinical trial

    Hi fellow advanced members Appreciate if anyone can assist with advice re this topic. I am 72 yo with advanced metatstis bones only.Over the past 7 years have had a radical, Radiation- 36 treatments, Chemotherapy - Doxetaxel, Enzuletimide and the whole time on Lucrine. Yep pretty well tried them all and with a rising PSA, now 47- still low compared to some I am faced with more Chemo -Cabazataxel. I have the opportunity to join the 177 LuPSMA pilot study ( 30 in Australia - no placebo) and will start tests next week to see suitability? Is there any member who is doing t
  11. There have been a number of previous posts in the forums that explain the new treatment known as lutetium PSMA radionuclide therapy, or LuPSMA. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine has a recent report about a study on the “Response and Tolerability of a Single Dose of 177Lu-PSMA-617 in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer”. The objective of this study was to analyze the safety and efficacy of lutetium PSMA radionuclide therapy. The study was a multi-centre study conducted in Germany. Initial results indicate that treatment with Lu‑PSMA is safe
  12. Barree :- Lutetium 177 Treatment - Complete and now behind me . 15.11.2016 Update The final infusion of Lutetium177 was administered mid July 2016. Subsequent scans show quite a few of my bone mets have reduced in size and intensity. Blood tests show a falling PSA but bone pain level has not dropped significantly. PSA at the commencement the trial was 85.6. Blood tests in October show it to be 8.3. It seems that this will be the nadir unless some additional treatment is undertaken. At present the only treatment I am receiving is a 10.8 mgm implant
  13. Update Lutetium177 Trial. Peter Mac - Treatment for advanced metastatic prostate cancer. At the start of the trial in February 2016 my PSA level was 86.5, a week ago my PSA level had dropped to 26.3 Prior to the trial - scans showed I had a lot of bony metastases. Comparison of the gamma scans taken after each of the three prior Lutetium177 infusions showed the bony metastases and tumors are progressively shrinking. An accurate determination of just how effective the treatment has been will be carried out in approximately 10 weeks time using a variety of sophisti
  14. Several of our members have been participating in a clinical trial of Lutetium (Lu 177) being conducted at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Click here to read an article published in the Australian Financial Review about this clinical trial of Lutetium. A large randomised trial to test this treatment next year will be conducted in 2017.
  15. Admin

    Encore: Lutetium and Search Box

    I noted quite a bit of interest in the posting by Barree updating his experience on the Lutetium-177 trial. http://tinyurl.com/z3moyc3 I'd just like to remind members that whenever they are interested in more information on a topic, every page on the forums has a search box high on the right hand side: And if you're a bit gamer, each search box has a dropdown to narrow your search (including Members, and Advanced Search). Try it an see. Click on the Go to this Topic button below and have a go.
  16. Hi all curro here ..I was diagnosed with an agressive metitasic prostate cancer in February 2013 at age 52 and still have my prostate..Doctors here said they could do nothing so i hav had several different treatments in Europe over last 4 yrs with great success thus far with lastest of a second trearment of LU177 showing signs of puting this cancer into remission and bone repair ...Does anyone know if i can get this here in australia .???
  17. Xofigo (radium 223) has changed the treatment of prostate cancer metastatic to bone. Xofigo is chemically similar to calcium, so tissues that uptake calcium uptake radium as well. That means principally bone, especially in highly metabolically active sites like bone metastases. Lutetium-177 (Lu-177) is a radioactive substance which scientists have attached to an antibody found on the surface of at least 95 percent of prostate cancer cells and called prostate surface membrane antigen (PSMA). Unlike Xofigo, which only attaches to bone metastases, Lu-177-anti-PSMA attaches to any metas
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