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  1. On our phone-in meeting last March, Jim joined one of his USA colleagues into our debate - Rick Davis of the Reluctant Brotherhood. The Reluctant Brotherhood has morphed into Answer Cancer, and Rick is inviting you to tune in to hear his expert guest speaker - Dr Sam Denmeade of Johns Hopkins, Baltimore. Dr Denmeade will tell us about using cycling high doses of testosterone with the hope of giving a longer response to hormone therapy or chemotherapy (Bipolar Androgen Therapy). On your computer you can download software to hear the session for free. On the phone, you can call a Sydney number at YOUR OWN COST. Australia dates and times: TUESDAY FEB 21 - 11am Brisbane time, 12pm Melbourne time Click below for details in the original post.
  2. MONDAY, FEB 20 - 8pm EST USAhttp://www.ancan.org/bat-presentationAUSTRALIA TUESDAY FEB 21 - 11am Brisbane time, 12pm Melbourne time Bipolar Androgen Therapy (BAT) is one of the hottest topics in prostate cancer right now for men with metastatic disease. Counter intuitive as it is, trials have shown large doses of testosterone followed by hormone therapy or chemotherapy appear to be very effective for some men in reducing PSA - for an excellent commentary by Mike Scott on Prostate Cancer International, click here. https://prostatecancerinfolink.net/2016/12/05/can-bipolar-cycling-of-testosterone-really-cure-prostate-cancer/Dr. Sam Denmeade at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore (USA) is in the forefront of this research. This coming Monday, February 20 at 8pm EST USA, Dr. Denmeade will explain his research and open clinical trials on Answer Cancer Foundation's UsTOO Hi-risk/Recurrent/Advanced Prostate Cancer Virtual Support Group meeting (www.ancan.org/support-calls). Attendance is free and all are welcome.To learn how to join the meeting click www.ancan.org/joining-instructions or see below. You can attend online via GoToMeeting or join by phone. The number of online participants is limited, but phone-ins are not - if the room is full, please use phone access. For more information please e-mail info@ancan.org.
  3. "Bipolar Androgen Therapy" (BAT) involves alternately flooding and starving the body of the male hormone testosterone. Last year the forum had a post about a small study of 16 men which tested Bipolar Androgen Therapy: click here to read that previous post. The same researchers have now reported on a larger study with 47 Participants; click here to read about this study. Dr Matt Hobbs, deputy director of research at the charity Prostate Cancer UK, warned: "this is early stage research and further studies are needed in order to understand exactly how intriguing developments like this work and to test the findings more robustly in large clinical trials."
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