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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody. I'm new to this forum. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it. I've been HIV positive for 26 years and recently diagnosed with prostrate cancer Stage pT3bN1 with a Gleason 4+5 after rising PSA 5.8. I am 60. I underwent a Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy + nodes (Robotic). Post operative PSA 1.4. Unfortunately microscopic cancer cells still remain. Now considering treatment. Last two PSA 1.5 stable. Underwent whole body bone scan. No evidence to suggest metastatic bone disease. Further CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis suggests no evidence of malignancy. Good. My probl
  2. pauldhodson

    Prostate pain

    Hey Guys, I was diagnosed with MPCa 2 years ago age 49, I have moved to CRPC a few months ago and I am now on Enzalutamide, plus Zolodex implants every 3 months + Xgeva for bones. I had Docetaxel chemotherapy last year. My PSA is currently at 2.1, so I seem to be responding to Enzalutamide as it was 3.6 before I started that medication. My question is this. I still have my prostate and I have not had any radiation to the prostate or pelvic area. I had cryo-ablation twice in 2016 (focal freezing). Anyway, lately I have been getting lots of pain in my prostate. I'm seeing my Medical
  3. A Frailty of Spirit – an explanation of cancer. Cancer is not a disease of the physical organism. It is a genetic predisposition at the cellular level to evolve. It is an inbuilt imperative to evolve. The dis-ease lies within our own psychic and spiritual development. This development does not rise to meet the evolutionary intelligence inherent in our cells. Therefore, the answer to dealing with this rampant dis-ease in the physical organism must be sought in our individual and collective psycho/spiritual organism.
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