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Found 8 results

  1. There are five Thursdays in this month. Each Thursday I aim to present one of the YouTube videos from the PCRI. This video today is about diet for men with prostate cancer, by Mark Moyad, an old friend of ours. And a reminder that we have a few videos of our own on the JimJimJimJim channel: https://www.youtube.com/jimjimjimjim/videos Including an audio YouTube video of Mark Moyad on one of our phone-in meetings: Mark Moyad Prostate Cancer Research Report 2017: “Dr. Moyad is arguably the world’s leading medical
  2. This video today is about weight training for men on hormone therapy for prostate cancer. Hormone therapy is also called 'Androgen Deprivation Therapy' (ADT) because it robs a man of androgens. The main androgen is testosterone. Androgens fuel prostate cancer. And a reminder that we have a few videos of our own on the JimJimJimJim channel: https://www.youtube.com/jimjimjimjim/videos The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) is an important source of information for about prostate cancer for patients, families, and the medical community. A
  3. I noticed a few minutes ago that the JimJimJimJim YouTube Channel has clicked up 50,000 views. That's a lot of help and comfort that men and their partners have found in understanding advanced prostate cancer - their disease, their treatments, and the journey of others. The top topic - Gleason score in advanced prostate cancer Click the picture to view the video. Closed captions Cc for the hard of hearing. The top story - David's story - 7 years with metastatic prostate cancer Click the picture to view the video. Closed captions Cc for the
  4. MONDAY, FEB 20 - 8pm EST USAhttp://www.ancan.org/bat-presentationAUSTRALIA TUESDAY FEB 21 - 11am Brisbane time, 12pm Melbourne time Bipolar Androgen Therapy (BAT) is one of the hottest topics in prostate cancer right now for men with metastatic disease. Counter intuitive as it is, trials have shown large doses of testosterone followed by hormone therapy or chemotherapy appear to be very effective for some men in reducing PSA - for an excellent commentary by Mike Scott on Prostate Cancer International, click here. https://prostatecancerinfolink.net/2016/12/05/can-bipolar-cyc
  5. Treatment of metastatic prostate cancer has changed recently. In the past doctors would use hormone therapy (ADT) at first, then wait until the disease was very progressed before giving chemotherapy with Taxotere (Docetaxel). The reason for the change? Professor Christopher Sweeney reported on a trial he led (CHAARTED). In CHAARTED, the researchers (an international team of medical oncologists) showed that starting BOTH chemotherapy and ADT at the beginning of treatment gave men a longer life. Members of your Executive Committee were invited to be the audience for an video inter
  6. Sorry, this is the wrong website if you are newly diagnosed with localised prostate cancer and trying to decide on a prostate cancer treatment. This is a website for men who: are diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer (where the cancer has grown through the wall of the prostate capsule and is growing outside it - a cancer which has been staged as T3 or T4); OR who have recurrent prostate cancer (where the cancer has been treated but it comes back later). If you don't know how prostate cancer is staged or what T3 and T4 mean, Jim has prepared a video explaini
  7. With increasing options to treat advanced prostate cancer, there is no clear agreement on the order in which these treatments should be given. I attach a chart prepared (following the STAMPEDE clinical trial which recommended early ADT and chemotherapy for certain patients) by an American oncologist setting out his view of what is currently best clinical practice in America. In Australia our options are more restricted: Abiraterone and Enzalutamide are only available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme after chemotherapy and Provenge is not available on the Pharmaceutical Benefi
  8. On 20 March 2015, The New Prostate Cancer Infolink collaborated with the CureTalk network to coordinate a discussion with the well-known medical oncologist Maha Hussain, MD, of the University of Michigan on “Current trends in the management of advanced and late stage prostate cancer.” You can access a full audio recording of this discussion and a complete transcript by clicking on this link.
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